Millennials Are Actually Very Creative People

Browsing through my RSS feeds today, I came across this AMAZING homemade Star Trek Into Darkness trailer.

The creator, Dustin McLean, used household items for props, created his own a capella score, and filmed the entire video on an iPhone (without any post-production effects). The result isn't just a shot-for-shot recreation, it's a hilarious commentary on film trailers.

Videos likes this remind me of how innovative Millennials are. We're digital natives who flourish in cultures of creation (like blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter). Technology didn't make us dumb, it made it easier for us to make stuff to share with the world. 

Millennials are written off as narcissistic, apathetic, spoiled kids who expect great things to be handed to them. Yes, we're assertive, value flexibility, and criticize policies that don't make sense, but that's only because we believe there's always room for improvement. Nothing is sacred, which is why we love tinkering with the status quo.

Unfortunately, we're also the generation that produced internet trolls and online bullying. Unlike Baby Boomers, teamwork doesn't come easy to us. We're also too trusting of social media and could use some Generation X skepticism. But we're a work in progress and just like everything else (should be), we're open to change.