The Evolution of Star Trek's Fandom

Left to Right:  Josué Cardona,   Ed Gross,   Cici James,   Ryan Britt,   Tekla Vassie, Ali Mattu. 

Left to Right: Josué Cardona, Ed Gross, Cici James, Ryan Britt, Tekla Vassie, Ali Mattu. 

From fanzines to the internet, Star Trek fans have always found a way to bring people together, expand on our favorite stories, create opportunities to interact with creators, and use Star Trek to help our local communities. Join author Ryan Britt, scifi bookstore founder Cici James, Star Trek historian Ed Gross, actress Tekla Vassie, Geek Therapy host Josué Cardona, and me for an exploration of the past, present, and future of Star Trek’s fandom. Originally presented on September 2nd, 2016 at Star Trek: Mission New York and brought to you by the Geek Therapy podcast.