Meeting J. J. Abrams


J. J. Abrams just released a new book called S. It's an amazing mystery box. I got to meet J. J., along with co-author Doug Dorst, at a release and signing in New York City. Here's how the conversation went down.

J. J.: "Hello…Ali?"

Ali: "Hi Mr. Abrams."

J. J.: "Thanks for coming tonight."

Ali: "I just wanted to say as a lifelong Trekkie how much I appreciated the last two Star Trek films."

J. J.: "You're too kind."

Ali: "You made Star Trek cool again and that means a lot to me. Star Trek got me interested in science and it's awesome to see a whole new generation get into it."

J. J.: "Are you a scientist now?"

Ali: "Yeah, I'm a psychologist."

J. J.: "Awesome, thanks a lot. This means a lot to me." *shakes hand*