New to Brain Knows Better? Check out these essential articles based upon popularity, feedback, and how much I enjoyed writing them.


1. The Parallel Universe Where My Brother Lives: My brother’s suicide shattered my life. This is the story of how I’ve tried to move on. Named "2013 Best Blog Post" by the Brass Crescent Awards


2. The Psychology of Spock: Past, Present, and Future: Spock's teaches us that the things that make us different, strange, and weird are the same things that make us awesome.


4. The Psychology of Star Trek VS. Star Wars: Episode II at San Diego Comic Con 2013 (Recap): Two geeky psychologists step into the pop culture ring to debate the science behind the characters, universes and fandom of the two greatest science fiction franchises.


5. Coming Out as a Geek Is Hard to Do: I spent most of my life hiding who I really was until one conversation changed everything.

Vulcan First Contact.jpg

6. First Contact with Aliens Could Bring Peace, but We Might Kill Our Extraterrestrials Guests: What would it take to make Star Trek’s utopian future a reality? It’s simple – all we have to do is end prejudice, foster global cooperation, and develop empathy for aliens. Also check out the live Nerd Nite version of this post.


7. Cultural Change Goes Both Ways, Just Like on Joss Whedon's Firefly: What makes Firefly truly a gem? It's accurate representation of cultural change.  


8. What Battlestar Galactica Can Teach Us About Suicide Prevention: In honor of World Suicide Prevention day, this is the story of how people become suicidal and what can be done to help them. Spoilers for the final season of Battlestar Galactica.


9. 5 Reasons Why Jocks & Geeks Are Really the Same People: My experience as a wrestler who was bullied for being a Trekkie taught me that geeks and jocks aren't that different after all. 


10. The Top 10 Science Fiction Film & TV Scores from the 2000s: Music changes the way we act, think, and feel. This is a sample of the best mind-altering scifi music from the past decade.